About Us


About Jay
Jay was born and raised in Florida in a family that loves to boat, fish and enjoy the hot humid weather of the Florida coast! Jay came to know the Lord while in the Marine Corp and was baptized in the Jordan River. After his honorable discharge from the Marines, he made his way to Colorado – so he could enjoy the mountains, four seasons and cooler dry weather! Jay enjoys traveling and exploring, working out, biking, technology, eating Kimberly’s cooking and skiing. He also enjoys the arts – photography, video, video editing, graphic design etc. Jay is currently self employed working in website marketing design/development, search engine marketing strategy and graphic design (



About Kimberly
Kimberly was born in Florida, moved to Spain for a few years, and then the majority of her childhood was spent in Kansas. Growing up in a Christian home, her decision to follow Christ came young and has continued to grow throughout time. She moved to Colorado in the mid 90’s and has now enjoys living in a small town near the Springs. Kimberly enjoys traveling and exploring, scrapbooking, cooking, skiing, playing the piano, and volleyball. Kimberly is a stay-at-home mom who loves her role as mommy to 4 amazing children. Life is busy, crazy, chaotic, but oh such a blessing!



About Us
God’s great design brought us together when we were in our late 20’s at a jazz concert in the park that our church was a part of. We quickly came to see that God had a purpose in us being together and that we could ‘be better together, than apart’ for His kingdom and for His glory. We married in fall of 2004 and continue to seek ways in which we can partner together in ministry. Most recently we have traveled to Africa and Spain with different ministry partners and are actively involved in international ministry.


About Noah
Noah is a wonderful little boy. He has such a sweet disposition – happy, content, well-behaved. He is often a charmer and a ham. Recently someone said he was either going to be a salesman or a pastor, because of his way with people.

Noah – meaning a righteous man of God. His middle name, Jay, is after his daddy. The first name – Noah – was actually chosen by him. We had 3 names for a boy when we went to the hospital. Once he was born, Jay knew immediately it was not one of the names (Micah). After an hour or two we asked this little baby if he wanted to be named Noah – and in his funny little way – he nodded his head up and down. We then asked if he wanted to be called the other name, and he sat with a solemn face. Guess he won’t be able to complain about the name he has!


About Jonah
Jonah is our precious cuddly boy. He is a mamma’s boy. He is full of energy, lights up a room with his smile, and enjoys hamming it up! He enjoys his music and can often be found singing or humming a song.

Jonah – meaning peace. His middle name, Dickson, is after a precious friend of ours in Uganda. Dickson has been Jay’s prayer partner for over 10 years.


About Micah
Our little guy, Micah, is anything but little! He’s a tough little guy who is ready to explore anything and everything. He is bold, he is a charmer, and he is ready to hang with his big brothers.

Micah – means Who is like God. His middle name is Jean-Aklil. Jean, after his grandma and Aklil meaning a crown to the family.


About Makeda
Our princess! Oh does she have spunk. That girl lights up the room with her smile and laughter. And in the midst of that, watch out for that mischievous glimmer in her eyes!

Makeda – means magnificent, high tower, or Queen of Sheba. Ethiopian historians claim that Makeda was the Queen of Sheba at the time of the visit to King Solomon. Her middle name is June-Embafresu. June, after her grandma and Embafresu meaning against all odds she made it.